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With so many choices of the food-diet advisory out there, we’re at top-rated cause of homely services.

Supplementation is Key

Don’t lose, workout which relevant our human body! We provides best quality services for your body.

Food First

Quality does matter! when we feel good we’re happier, when we are happier and we’re more productive.

We care about your health !


Support & Motivation: Personalized guidance fromtrained wellness coaches to help you pick the rightsupplementations for your wellness journey. Our blogposts are written by our educated staff to keep the mostup to date information about your health at your fingertips.


Community Appreciation: Every month we hold manyfree or low cost events to introduce our friends andfamilies to fun, healthful products and services.Our customer appreciation days save you moneyon your everyday needs!

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Rebekah’s Story

My name is Rebekah Niman, I am a dedicated Holistic Health Practitioner, who is truly involved in the natural health care of my clients. I am very passionate about helping my clients enrich their lives through good health, attained naturally. As a health coach,I encourage and assist my clients in replacing their unhealthylifestyle by encouraging them to pursue healthier life choices, which includes detoxification, oxygenation, nutrition, and apositive mindset…

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Meet Samantha Compton, our Naturopathic Educator / Operations Manager in Lapeer. She is currently studying at The Naturopathic Institute in Mount Pleasant. She believes you can take your health back into your own hands, that it takes a path of action every day. More >
Pam Stuewer, Wellness Coach, Rebekah's Health & Nutrition
I joined team Rebekah’s in January 2016. As a Wellness / Essential Oil Coach, I enjoy “Helping Others Get Healthy” from the Eating Right for Your Blood Type protocol. I love guiding others with natural alternatives that were created for us to use. More >
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Dakota Mathews is a Wellness Consultant at Rebekah’s Health and Nutrition, Lapeer, Michigan. Prior to joining the team at Rebekah’s, Dakota studied Exercise Science at Grand Valley State University, earning a Bachelor’s of Science, with an emphasis More >
My name is Kerri! I’m a wellness coach and purchase manager for the Clarkston location. Clarkston has been my home for 25 years and I’ve been friends with Rebekah for the last 15. 😊 She is a wonderful woman, mother and business owner More >