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(Cannabis sativa) 

Our carefully curated and selected Hemp source brings CBD with multiple  other naturally occurring cannabinoids, terpenes and other phytocompounds to maximize the power of CBD. We  vetted and tested dozens of growers before we made our raw material selection. Price was a huge factor in that we  believe the price of CBD products are notably overpriced. We want to make them accessible and more affordable for  everyday use. We think of Hemp/Cannabis/CBD as one more herb to be included in our apothecary of supplements  and health options, as it fills herbal gaps that so many people need. 


✓ USA grown material 

✓ 100% testing on every lot 

✓ Stability studies 

✓ Broad and Full Spectrum CBD 

✓ Organic MCT 

✓ Graduated glass droppers to control dose  


✓ QR codes linked to COA/Testing for all lots 

✓ Gluten Free 

✓ Non-GMO 

Broad Spectrum Liquids: Full Spectrum Liquids: 


✓ Cannabinoids ✓ Terpenes 

✓ Pesticides 

✓ Mycotoxins 

✓ Heavy Metals ✓ Peroxide Value ✓ Microbiological ✓ Residual Solvents 

✓ CO2 extracted for efficient extraction and cost efficiencies ✓ THC free at standard detection limits of <0.05% ✓ Also has some minor cannabinoids and terpenes ✓ Added terpenes of Black Pepper and Orange essential oils  to increase the natural terpenes found in cannabis 

✓ No Solvents used in extraction. Just heat, pressure and time in  Organic MCT oil 

✓ THC within federal guidelines at <0.3% 

✓ All naturally occurring cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids  ✓ The closest representation to the raw Hemp material 

These combine both the broad and full spectrum CBD oils and add other functional botanicals in full dose to maximize efficacy. All  ingredients work to a common goal but via different physiologic pathways as each person may have a different chemical pathway  that led to their issue. The other botanicals increase and maximize the physiologic effect. These botanicals are individually  extracted in alcohol and water, both of which are then removed. The extra 500 mg of herbs are by themselves a full dose. Adding  30 mg of CBD creates some of the most potent products we have ever made. 



CBD + Herbal Blend

30mg CBD per serving

30 Liquid Veggie Caps per bottle


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