Language of the Human Body

Learning the Language of the Human Body

There are a lot of misconceptions regarding health, disease and symptoms. Join Ryan Hysinger, HHP, as he breaks down some of these misconceptions and talks about how to interpret the language of the body. The class will be interactive and define health, disease and symptoms in a much more applicable way. From this foundation, Ryan will expand on these ideas giving the attendees real life knowledge and application to take control of their health. Towards the end, the workshop will open up for Q & A for personalized answers about the attendees’ symptoms and what actions to take.

This class is taught by Rebekah’s Lake Orion, wellness coach, Ryan Hysinger. Ryan has nearly a decade of experience in coaching, educating and motivating people to attain their health and wellness goals. His passion for health and fitness has led him to acquire multiple certifications and specializations as a Personal Trainer. From this foundation, he went on to complete the FDN practitioner course and now has his board certification as a Holistic Health Practitioner as well as a certificate as a Health Coach and Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner. Not only does he have the knowledge from the courses, but he has a deep passion for learning more about the human body, how to heal it and helping others. Going through his own health struggles, and the frustration that traditional medicine brings, he has personal experience in healing the body naturally. Having gone through both sides of medicine, he has a balanced and grounded approach as he works with his clients in attaining their health goals.
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