What is Allergy?

Allergies are immune responses by the body’s defense mechanisms to things that are not harmful in small dosages.
Allergens are the things that cause allergies. Common allergens include certain foods such as peanuts, bee venom, and various tree pollen. Pollen is the all-important allergen in this scenario.

Why do you need Rebekah’s Pure Living Allergy product?

Garden of Life: Herbal Immune Balance Sinus, Global Healing Allertrex, Ortho Molecular Products: Natural D-Hist, and Seasonal 911 helps you with your allergic reactions.

What is the most effective action you can take?

Rebekah’s Food Allergy Line can help you with your problems. Allergies are more common than most people think they are. Over 3 million people in the U.S. alone suffer from some kind of food allergy, but only about 10-15% of these people even seek treatment. That means that 95-85% of those with food allergies don’t know they have them. This is extremely dangerous since they could suffer a fatal reaction without knowing it.

Your immune system is a very important part of your body’s defenses. It protects you from infection by, for example, fighting off a skin infection such as a cold or the flu. It also protects you from the immune system of another living creature by, for example, making you immune to teach. The last thing you want is your immune system to attack your body’s own cells, its own organs. This can happen when your body’s defense mechanisms mistake a common substance such as pollen, peanuts, shellfish, or even dander from your pet for a harmful invader. The result is an allergic reaction.

Food allergies are becoming more common in children. Most food allergies are caused by a combination of genes and the environment. If you have a family history of food allergies, your child has an x4 chance of developing a food allergy themselves. This is because over 90% of food allergies in children are inherited. Certain foods are more likely to cause a reaction than others: peanuts are x8, while shrimp is x10.

There are many ways in which you can avoid or minimize food allergies. Buying only “all-natural” food, avoiding certain vegetables, and not feeding your child certain foods are some of the ways. However, no matter what you do, your child is still x4, so your child is still x8 times more likely to develop a food allergy if they have a parent or grandparent with one.

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