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Live Healthy Be Healthy – Lapeer’s Premier Health Fair Save the Date: Saturday, March 9th | 12 PM – 4 PM Location: 588 S Main Street, Lapeer, MI

Hey, Lapeer community! Ready for an afternoon that celebrates health, happiness, and joy? “Healthy You, Happy You” is coming soon and this time, we’re taking things up a notch! This year, we’re bringing something special – new talent, fresh faces, and an exhilarating lineup that’s sure to inspire. But don’t worry, our beloved and loyal vendors are returning to add to the magic! At “Live Healthy Be Healthy,” we embrace a holistic approach to health – mind, body, and soul. That’s why we’ve arranged an amazing array of practitioners and experiences for you: We’re giving away 4 large gift bags, each valued at over $350! These aren’t just any gift bags – they’re packed with health and wellness goodies that will amaze you. Imagine winning one of these treasure troves of health!

Get ready for an amazing array of practitioners and experiences for you: 2 Expert Acupuncturists 3 Intuitive Readers 2 Massage Therapists 2 Vibrational Sound Healers 1 Reiki Healer Oxygen Bar Biofeedback Health Scans and more! Plus, enjoy free food, coffee, free samples and education – all in a vibrant, community-focused atmosphere. Mark your calendar, like, share, and bring along your friends for an unforgettable afternoon at “Live Healthy Be Healthy.” Don’t miss your chance to win one of our amazing gift bags and discover new paths to wellness and joy.

Services Donna Tyler- Acupuncture Ramie- Acupuncture

Rachel Tribuzio, Mālie Therapeutic LLC – Chair and Table Massage Lisa LaCross, MS, RD- goal setting session, InBody Scan

Jessica Girbaud – Reiki healing

Lauren -Vibrational Sound Therapy

Alanna – Oxygen Bar

Clancy- Fork Tuning

Mark and Julie- Biofeedback Body Scans

Patch Therapy – Teresa McQueen

Sue N. -Intuitive Readings

Jonathan- Intuitive Readings

Darlene Stryker- Intuitive Readings

Vendor Demos

Mark Spencer – Spencer’s Honey

Alaina- Sprout Bake

Flora Coffee

Mike -Natural Factors

Matt – MegaFood / Terry Naturally / Health Force

Navigate the Michigan Winter Successfully

Certainly! Winter in Michigan can be particularly challenging due to its cold temperatures, heavy snowfall, and limited daylight. Here’s are a few suggestions to help you navigate the Michigan winter successfully:

Boost Your Immunity and Stay Active: Vitamin D and Indoor Exercise

  1. Vitamin D Supplementation: In the winter months, with shorter days and more cloud cover, it can be difficult to get enough sunlight, which is a natural source of Vitamin D. This vitamin is essential for immune function, bone health, and mood regulation. Considering Michigan’s latitude, it’s even more challenging to receive adequate sun exposure during the winter.
    • Recommendation: Consult with a healthcare professional about starting a Vitamin D supplement. They can provide guidance on the appropriate dosage and monitor your levels.
  2. Indoor Physical Activity: Cold weather and icy conditions can make it challenging to maintain outdoor activities. However, it’s essential to stay active for physical health, immune function, and mental well-being.
    • Recommendation: Develop an indoor exercise routine. This can include activities like yoga, pilates, dance, strength training, or even just marching in place. If you have the means, consider investing in a stationary bike or a treadmill. Additionally, many online platforms offer virtual fitness classes, so you can try something new from the comfort of your home.
  3. Stay Hydrated: Heated indoor air can be very dry, which can lead to dehydration. Drink plenty of water, even if you’re not feeling particularly thirsty.
  4. Social Connection: Winter can be isolating, especially in places with heavy snowfall and cold temperatures. Ensure you stay connected with friends and family, even if it’s through virtual means. This will help with emotional well-being.
  5. Nutrition: Focus on eating a balanced diet with plenty of fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, and whole grains. This will ensure your body gets the necessary nutrients to support immune function and overall health.

Lastly, always listen to your body and prioritize your mental health. Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is common during the winter months, so consider using light therapy or consulting with a healthcare professional if you experience mood changes.

Stay warm, stay active, and stay connected for a healthy Michigan winter!

Best of health to you and your Family- Rebekah


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Disclaimer: This is for educational purposes only. Always consult your practitioner before making any life style changes or adding supplements.

Welcome Troy Farwell

🌟 Exciting Announcement! 🌟

We are thrilled to introduce Troy Farwell, a true holistic health expert, to the incredible team here at Rebekah’s Health and Nutrition!

At Troy Farwell Holistic Health, we are dedicated to putting our customers’ well-being first. Your needs are not just a priority; they’re at the heart of everything we do. Our commitment to meeting these needs has earned us a loyal following of repeat customers.

Troy Farwell, D.N.M. MS, MH, RAP, RAH, HHP, brings a wealth of expertise and experience to our team. Here’s a glimpse of his impressive qualifications:

Doctor of Natural Medicine (DNM)

Doctor of Spiritual Healing

Doctor of Divinity (D.D.)

Natural Health Practitioner (Doctorate Level)

M.S. in Psychology (MS)

Registered Ayurvedic Practitioner (RAP)

Master Herbalist (MH)

Board Certified Alternative Medical Practitioner

Registered Ayurvedic Herbalist (RAH)

Certified Aromatherapist

Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultant

Holistic Health Practitioner (HHP)

Certified Personal Trainer

Life Therapy Coach

22nd Dragon Gate Priest

With over a decade of private practice and a track record of helping thousands of clients achieve wellness and balance, Troy Farwell is ready to bring his unique blend of holistic healing to our valued customers.

Troy Farwell Holistic Health looks forward to earning your trust and providing you with the best service in the industry. Welcome, Troy, to our team of dedicated health and wellness professionals! 🌿✨

For an appointment please email Troy @ troyfarwellholistichealth

Unleash Your Health Potential

Please join me for our first educational discussion on a new antiaging technology sweeping the US. Already used by practitioners, oncologist and antiaging doctors in Europe. Now available in the US.

Highly recommend to all who are already using this technology who desire to learn more. Along with those who desire to feel better, have more energy, desire to lose weight, or recover more quickly.

🌟 Youth Renewal: Rediscover your youthful vitality with our innovative product technology that activates stem cells. Experience the rejuvenating effects and redefine aging.

⚡ Energy: Tap into the power of light to boost your energy and endurance during your fitness routine. Unleash your full potential and achieve new heights.

😴 Sleep: Improve the quality and quantity of your sleep naturally, without relying on sedatives or waking up feeling groggy. Wake up refreshed and ready to take on the day.

🏋 Performance: Take your performance metrics to the next level on a cellular level. Enhance your physical and mental capabilities and excel in all aspects of life.

🌬️ Fast Relief: Say goodbye to minor aches and pains. Experience quick relief and get back to doing what you love with ease.

Call 810-660-8585 to save yourself a seat.

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1. ICEWAVE is for Pain. Also to sedate excess energy, inflammation, calming. Headaches, migraines, all sorts of pain, tension, pulled nerves, muscles, osteoarthritis, fibromyalgia, stiffness etc. Similar to BLUE laser

2. ENERGY ENHANCER is to increase energy, endurance and reduce fatigue and muscle soreness. Use on acupuncture points bilaterally for nausea, reflux , improve digestion, strengthen and tonify organs, drain dampness and phlegm, increase Qi Bioenergy in organs . Similar to RED laser

3. AEON is an anti-inflammatory, anti-stress, happy patch. Raises Antineoplastons. Brain balancing, calming, reduces cortisol, reduces c reactive proteins ,elevates Dhea. Based on Queen bees longevity due to Royal jelly- aeon is like eating 30 cups of Royal Jelly a day

4. G Patch is the antioxidant, detoxifier, immune booster. Increases GSH by 300% in 24 hours. Anti viral. Great for infections.

5. CARNOSINE is for tissue repair and healing, longevity. Beneficial for heart and sugar issues. Great for burns, lumps, bumps, clots, bruises, lacerations. Also good for neuro and cognition issues.

6. SP6 is for appetite control and cravings suppressor. Also balances hormones and increases organ function. Balances the hypothalamus and therefore regulates all the autonomic nervous system. Good for improving digestive function.

7. SILENT NIGHT is to regulate sleep through melatonin production. Also important for oxidative stress as melatonin is antioxidant and cancer protective. Great for calming ASD children.

8. X-39 is a STEM CELL patch designed to activate stem cell production by elevating GHK-cu peptide. Google GHK- this peptide resets 4000 genes to younger state, helps repair collagen in all tissues, activates stem cell production, encourages apoptosis of cancer cells and discourages metastatic cancer cells. Using x39 people have better sleep, pain and inflammation down.

9. ALAVIDA is a skin and body regenerating system via elevation of epithalamin peptide. Increase organ function. Reduces oxidative strss, increase antioxidants. Stimulates frontal lobes, pineal gland activation. Increase mental clarity and focus. Good for sleep. Second most powerful patch after X39

11. NIRVANA is the patch to help you attain the state of happiness, joy, euphoria, lifts depression. Comes with pills made from seaweed extract. Elevates and sustains production of beta endorphins

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Fall In Love With Wellness

Free Valentines Health Fair in Lapeer

Save the Date!!!

Come spend an afternoon pampering yourself at our Lapeer location for Valentines! Saturday, February 11th 12-4pm. Free 25 gift bags to the first 25 people who purchase $50 or more along with 4 LARGE raffle bags full of great products. (No purchase necessary)

We will have all your favorite healers returning along and a few special guests that you will not want to miss. Sweet Renee will be returning after a few years and Hannah Jolley will be returning to do Food Sensitivity scans. You will not want to miss this Fair!

Special Sweet Treats provided by Jessica from Kookys N Cream in Lapeer!

Massage-Liana Troy
Sensitivity Screening- Hannah Jolley
Fork Tuning- Clancy
Crystal Bowl Healing- Lauren
Sound Bowl healing- Kelly
Biofeedback- Mark & Julie Fulcher
Readers Sweet Renee- Darlene Stryker- Sue Novotney
Halo Salt Spa- Reiki and Oxygen Bar

Troy Farwell- Herb Pharm tasting
Tina- Garden of Life
Matt Menger- Gaia Herbs & Mega Foods


Tara from Flint Serenity House

Sweet treats – Kookys N Cream!

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Welcome Troy!

Troy Farwell, D.N.M. MS, MH, RAP, RAH, HHP

Troy Farwell is a Doctor of Natural Medicine, Master Herbalist, and Registered Ayurvedic Practitioner. He has been in private practice for over a decade and has seen thousands of clients with great success. Troy was the founder of Simple Organics, a health and wellness store in Oxford, Michigan.

Troy will have a Herb Pharm tastings set up. While also offering CV Science CBD samples. Have a health question? Troy is happy to help!

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