Rebekah’s cold and flu can be prevented by eating right, being a good listener, and exercising. When she gets sick, it is best to give her chicken soup and cool drinks. You may need to help her in the bathroom when she is sick because she still gets tired easily. You should massage her chest if she gets a tightness in her breathing. If she complains of a headache, you can give her some ice chips along with drinks.

What is My Dr. Suggests Alkaline Structured Silver Solution and Seasonal 911?

Rebekah’s doctor recommends an Alkaline structured silver solution and Seasonal 911. This can be found at your local drug store and will help you if you get sick.

Rebekah’s doctor also recommends seeing a nutritionist who can give you a health check, and suggest a diet to follow. You would be able to ask him questions about what you can and cannot eat, and he could also give you tips on how to stay fit and reduce the risk of disease.

If you had these things you could help your family stay healthy. You all could eat well and live longer. It is important that you keep yourself and your family strong to do good things for our country and world.
prevent colds and flu.

What is an Alkaline?

Alkalines are materials that make you feel better when you are sick. Alkaline material also makes you stronger and faster when you take it with Sea-Season 911. Your body turns what it can from the sickness so you will get better faster.

What is a Silver Solution?

Silver solutions are solutions mostly of different types of silver. They can be plain or ‘stabilized’, meaning they are better than plain silver. Both are good for pain and cuts and scrapes.

What is Seasonal 911?

Helps relieve allergies and increase lung function. It is an immune booster and reduces inflammation. . It can also be taken to increase endurance and stamina. It is an all-natural product. It can be taken during training for long periods of physical activity to prepare the body and mind for it. Seasonal 911 is a synergistic combination of key vitamins, minerals, and herbal extracts that nutritionally supports healthy respiratory and sinus functions. These functions help you to breathe easier, so the mucus and secretions in your nose and lungs are reduced. It helps to resolve the symptoms of cold and sinus conditions. The product also contains an antiviral, decongestant, and antimicrobial herbs that help to combat the common symptoms of the common cold and sinus conditions.

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