Dr. Julia Deer

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Dr. Julia Deer is a holistic chiropractor from the Thumb and Bay Area of Michigan. She’s been practicing for 17 years.
Since graduating from Palmer College of Chiropractic in 2004, Dr. Julia has built four busy practices in Michigan. Locations have included Pigeon, Bad Axe, Harbor Beach and Bay City.

Dr. Julia is a specialist chiropractor. She specializes in hard cases when regular spinal adjustments are not “holding” their position. Not only does she adjust the spine, but also aligns extremities, organs and the skull. “Holistic” chiropractors look at the whole body as a single unit and determine where the breakdown is occurring in communication between the brain and the body. They are then able to correct any issues through manipulation and resetting of the nervous system.
Dr. Julia utilizes multiple techniques to help the patient on many different levels including structural, biomechanical, emotional, digestive, hormonal, psychological and organ functionality. She has developed her own personal style and technique along with a unique philosophy and approach to whole body health.

In addition to spinal manipulation, Dr Julia has a comprehensive approach including Kinesiology, Chiropractic manipulative reflex technique to regulate organ systems, post-surgical and chronic illness rehabilitative care and muscle testing to regulate hormone imbalances through whole foods or supplements. Each body tells a story, and Dr. Julia acts as a capable interpreter.

Dr. Julia also moderates a group page on Facebook called ‘Michigan Natural & Holistic Health Community’, bringing “Alternative” healthcare-lovers together. Her mission is to present a unified and viable alternative choice to the world for their healthcare, rather than just the traditional western allopathic model of medicine. In addition, Dr. Julia has co-hosted an internet Radio Show with Deborah St Hillaire on W4divas.com called ‘The Passionate Pundits‘.

Reflexology, cranial adjustment or 1 area extremity adjustment (Arms, hands, knee, feet) $20 10minute sessions

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