Patch Therapy

🌟 Patch Therapy: Unlocking Anti-Aging, Pain Relief & More!
Join Rebekah Niman and Teresa McQueen on a journey into the world of Patch Therapy! Dive deep into the transformative potentials of this innovative approach:
🌿 Anti-Aging: Turn back the hands of time and rejuvenate your skin.
🌿 Pain Relief: Experience relief and comfort like never before.
🌿 Increased Energy: Boost your vitality and feel more energetic throughout the day.
📅 Date: Thursday, November 2nd 🕠 Time: 5:30 PM 📍
Location: Rebekah’s Health and Nutrition, Lapeer Store
Terésa has been practicing holistic methods for over 30 years while always looking for ways to help others. Terésa was diagnosed with a degenerative bone disorder at 4 years old. She has live her life looking for ways to stay active and reduce her pain.
After years of discomfort and multiple surgeries, to find relief, she has incorporated yoga, chiropractic, massage, and the use of essential oils to narcotics, and everything in between. Now she has found a solution she wants to share with everyone.
🔵 Reserve Your Spot: Spaces are limited! To ensure your participation, please call the store and book your seat. 810-660-8585
🎉 Cost: Absolutely Free! An opportunity to learn, network, and delve into the world of Patch Therapy.
Join us for an hour filled with insights, discussions, and the chance to discover a new path to well-being. We look forward to seeing you there!
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Unleashing Your Health Potential with LifeWave Patches


📢 Join us for a discussion about Life Wave Photo-therapy patches and how they can help with pain, sleep, energy, anti-aging, and more! 🌟
Are you tired of dealing with chronic pain, struggling to get a good night’s sleep, or feeling low on energy? Look no further! In my 15 years of practicing Integrative and Functional Medicine, I have never come across such a quick, easy, and effective way to manage symptoms and promote healing in the body.
Here are some of the incredible benefits of Life Wave Photo-therapy patches:
🌟 Youth Renewal: Rediscover your youthful vitality with our innovative product technology that activates stem cells. Experience the rejuvenating effects and redefine aging.
⚡ Energy: Tap into the power of light to boost your energy and endurance during your fitness routine. Unleash your full potential and achieve new heights.
😴 Sleep: Improve the quality and quantity of your sleep naturally, without relying on sedatives or waking up feeling groggy. Wake up refreshed and ready to take on the day.
🏋 Performance: Take your performance metrics to the next level on a cellular level. Enhance your physical and mental capabilities and excel in all aspects of life.
🌬️ Fast Relief: Say goodbye to minor aches and pains. Experience quick relief and get back to doing what you love with ease.
🍽️ Weight Loss: Discover a drug-less and easy way to control cravings and manage hunger. Take charge of your weight loss journey with Life Wave Photo-therapy patches.
Mark your calendars for Thursday, July 20th, and join us for an informative session where we will explore how these patches can elevate your health and well-being. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to take your health to the next level!
Call our Lapeer store to save yourself a seat- 810-660-8585
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