My name is Kerri! I’m a wellness coach and purchase manager for the Clarkston location.  Clarkston has been my home for 25 years and I’ve been friends with Rebekah for the last 15. 😊 She is a wonderful woman, mother and business owner (she paid me to say that, haha, kidding).

I grew up in California with a passion for everything Mother Nature offers. I believe in good stewardship toward our environment so that we may unlock the healing potential that all plants have to offer.

I’m also a former Medical Massage Therapist that would partner up with sports / physical therapist and other medical teams to improve the quality of life for patients both young and wise. But my interest in health science started when I was young. Every day, I’d go to a Boys and Girls club and spend time in the weight room with trainers, who I thought the world of! So strong yet very gentle towards a young learner. That’s were my love of physical fitness began. I turned to working out and yoga during my life to combat the anxiety I have. So, in 2004, I earned my Associates in Applied Science / Medical Massage Therapy to help others get in tune with healing their bodies. That’s a hard job.

I took time off to start a family and became the office manager for my partner’s growing company. There I learned the language of business. I’m currently earning my Bachelor’s in Accounting / Applied Science to deepen my skill set in the health of a business.

Here at Rebekah’s my knowledge is two-fold: health and business. My goal here is to create a store front that gives our community all the resources available to heal themselves and their loved ones. Other than being a mother, it’s my greatest pleasure to partner with Rebekah and our staff in my home town of Clarkston!

To our health! Cheers!