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Hiya. I’m Cody, and I’m the newest employee at Rebekah’s, if you’ve been to the Lapeer store in the past couple months then I’ve probably been the one to ring up your order. In addition to being the cashier though, I’m also partially in charge of our Social Media presence, and some of the content on our website. (Like blog posts, go figure.) Anyway, I know oodles less than any of our other employees when it comes to Health and Nutrition. However, since I’ve started working here, I’ve had the opportunity to learn a lot about the things we sell, and the kind of help we offer.

So, I figured, instead of just reposting parts of articles on our blog every once in a while, I’d do a little write up from the point of view of the least knowledgeable person in the store, and what sort of things I’ve picked up recently from coworkers, or the many, many customers that come in with more knowledge than me.

Just a heads up, if this goes over well, and I do more of these, a lot of the content of these posts is going to be stuff I’ve picked up from conversations with LB. He knows just about everything about everything in the store, and talking to him is like talking to a friendly, man-shaped library.

I suppose that’s enough rambling for now, let’s get to some of things I’ve learned since I’ve started; so that maybe you can learn something too, or at the very least, marvel at how little I know!

So for starters, Turmeric. Turmeric is probably one of our most popular products. A lot of our customers take it because it helps with inflammation, and especially joint pain from Arthritis. Craig, (one of the managers here) made the point recently that nobody has ever said anything to us about having tried Turmeric and had it not work, and he’s right. Pretty much everyone that takes it seems to have it work, and just about everyone that works here takes it and swears by it as well.

Speaking of inflammation, our Baltic Amber Necklaces are pretty interesting. Most people buy them to help with teething babies, but we sell a lot of our adult sized bracelets and necklaces as well. Our body heat causes the necklaces to release an oil that contains succinic acid, when this is absorbed by the body it has an anti-inflammatory affect on say, swollen, teething baby gums, or arthritic joints. Or joints that just hurt for other reasons, I’m not here to discriminate. On top of all that, the necklaces look pretty neat.

Fish Oil’s another one I’ve learned a lot about. It’s good for preventing heart disease and strokes, and it reduces the effects of depression, which is mind blowing to me. We’ve got a brand called “Barlean’s” that is supposed to actually taste really good if you’re apprehensive about taking a spoonful of Fish Oil and having it taste like, well, Fish Oil. LB described it as having an almost “ice cream”-ey flavor recently.

Our Himalayan Salt lamps are something I get asked about constantly, If you’re curious, they’re supposed to release a negative Ionic Charge, which is supposed to cause dust to settle and purify the air. The warm, amber color of the light they give off is supposed to combat the blue light given off by computers and cell phones, which in turn is supposed to help you sleep. I can’t speak for how well they work because I don’t have any, but we have some shaped like turtles and elephants, and they look pretty cool.

Also, for some reason older guys really like to come in and ask if they can lick the lamps. Yes, they are made of salt, but please don’t like our lamps. If you want to buy a lamp and lick it, go for it. Just don’t lick ours.

Aloe Vera juice/gel is popular as a daily supplement, and is good for helping Diabetics to lower their blood sugar, and to help lower cholesterol. This is, of course, in addition to the well-known topical uses of Aloe Vera gel in treating minor burns and psoriasis.

That’s probably enough for right now, hopefully I get the chance to write another one of these with less rambling and more introductory Health and Nutrition Knowledge.


By the way, if you do want to come in and talk to me about things I do know, it’s chocolate. I’ve tried a lot of the chocolate we sell, and it’s all good.

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