In the world of supplements and cosmetics the ultimate goal is to slow the progression of aging. Whether it’s for the sake of appearance, performance or just not wanting to fork out the dough for costly medical bills later, staying younger for longer is what it’s all about. So what does one take that actually works?  If it works it must be very expensive, right? Believe it or not, the basics are not only overlooked and underestimated but also pretty affordable. A simple stack of L-lysine and Vitamin-c does wonders for our cardiovascular health, joints, skin, hair and appearance. Taken faithfully over a period of a month should be enough time to demonstrate its penchant for reversing age associated discomforts and the results will stand before you in the mirror. How many folks do you know who are taking statins to reduce their infamous cholesterol? Well the reason their bodies are making so much Cholesterol (yes, our bodies Make the stuff) is simply oxidative damage.

Most of us are fully aware of the dangers we expose ourselves to in the form of cigarettes, alcohol, fried foods and most of all Sugar. These substances raise our inflammation levels substantially. The damage is done and the liver gets to work patching up the cracks. Wouldn’t it make sense to prevent the damage rather than repair it? I think most would agree that the best way to do this is the natural way. By combining the amino acid L-lysine and the all-powerful Vitamin-C we are giving the body the protection it needs to work on making a stronger, healthier, younger looking and feeling body as opposed to wasting valuable resources on repairing preventable damage.

So if you’re after healthier skin, bones, teeth, heart, joints, reduced inflammation and a more positive mood you don’t have to spend a fortune. Goals like this will cost you less than a sugar habit and yield much more desirable effects.

By: L.B. Deverell

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  1. How much should you take daily?

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