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“I wish I could exercise and eat healthy but I’m just so busy with (fill in the blank).”Sound like something you’ve said or heard before?I’ve heard some variation of this phrase time and time again and although it’s not the same excuse each time, they each have something in common.. it’s JUST an excuse.👀 Usually to distract from the real reason of why that person is putting off exercise and eating healthy —> they don’t really want to that bad.The truth is: we make time for things that are important to us so if exercising and eating nutritious foods is important, we make it happen!✨Some people just have a natural drive to exercise and eat healthy and it comes easy because they enjoy it. For others it seems like a chore and can take drastic news about their health to force them to start exercising and eating better. My advice- don’t wait until you’re forced to exercise in order to FIX your health. Start making it a priority NOW to prevent that from happening.😇No matter how busy our lives are, I guarantee we can all make time for some sort of movement each day. 🤸‍♀️ Go for a walk or bike ride, stretch while you watch TV, dance while you cook, try out a yoga or zumba class, workout at home for 30 minutes before work, etc.As for eating healthy, it doesn’t need to be complicated. Start simple by swapping sugary drinks for water or zero calorie drinks. Don’t focus on all the foods you “can’t” have, but rather the foods that you can ADD in like fruits, veggies, & whole grains!🥑🥕If you’d like more tips on exercise, nutrition, or how to create a healthy lifestyle shoot me a message!📲

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