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There are more than 200 viruses that cause colds. Colds are not caused by bacteria, which means that antibiotics…designed to treat bacterial infections, are useless against them. Treating a cold with antibiotics not only wont work, it lowers the immune system and destroys gut health. Long term.. this will make a person more sick and more often.

It is often frustrating to see doctors prescribe antibiotics for colds and flu. Many times the client demands them. With all the antibiotics in food, water and skin care, many times antibiotics don’t even work for bacterial infection anymore. At some point around 40-50 years old, many folks get sick and tired of being sick and tired. That’s when they come see us. At this point I call it reversing age. Once all the prescription drugs are out of a persons system… they start to feel and look 100++ % better.

So what are the options for a bacterial or viral infection like bronchitis, pneumonia, sinus infection etc- Allicillin, Oregano and/or Monolarine are just a few of my favorites. Not only do they kill viruses, bacteria and fungus they also have many other health benefits.

Tip of the day:
When a child or adult gets sick… it boosts their immune system a little bit each and every time. It makes them stronger and healthier. This is not the case if an antibiotic is used. Antibiotics are a must for life threatening infections and disease like Lyme and Mrsa. But to boost the immune system, you must let a cold or flu run its course.

Best of health to you all!


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