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Ask your cardiologist about Proteolytic enzymes. Unfortunately, this may be a lot like ordering Chinese at a French restaurant. They probably don’t know what it is so they’re definitely not putting it on the menu. The term “Proteolytic Enzymes” refers to a group of protein dissolving enzymes that eat away dead undesirable deposits like scar tissue, arthritic joints or the calcified crud that builds up in our arteries. This amazing stuff is produced by silkworms to eat their way out from their cocoons. What does this mean to you?  It means lower blood pressure, reduced joint pain, increased joint mobility, improved memory, uterine/breast fibroid reduction or elimination and lower inflammation levels to name a few benefits.

For more information on Serrapeptase- click here

Our choice for Serrapeptase? Serretia Located behind the Consultation Station at the store

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